images from the cabin sessions

David Garcia is a friend, a frequent creative collaborator, a fellow dreamer, a man of action, and a true artist. When he told me he was transforming his home into a recording studio to work on his first release of his songs, I got excited. I asked David if he'd allow me to be a "fly on the wall" for the sessions. That initial engagement grow to a full scale creative collaboration on the imagery and design of his album release "Beloved: The Cabin Sessions." As cited elsewhere on this website, we worked on a companion book to coincide with the musical release. I thought it would be nice to have the images that were featured in the book shown in their own gallery here. Many images here were the result of a solo journey to the Salton Sea and environs in Southern California, as well as through the deserts of Arizona, and New Mexico. These images were originally intended to appear in a different form, but I just couldn't make the concept work as I wanted. The fact that they ended up in service to David's music was a blessing. I am proud of his work, and thankful for the friendship that brought it to fruition, and I am grateful for the freedom David granted me on this project.