"Saudade" work featured in P3, a leading Portuguese publication

I am very proud to have a selection of my work from the "Saudade" project featured on P3, part of Portugal's leading publication for news, Publico

Click here to see the article (which is in Portuguese) but here is a translation:

The American Nick Tauro Jr. spent a month in Portugal in search of "saudade" and guarantees, it is almost palpable. In an interview with P3 he said other European countries not observed manifestations of this feeling, so private, so Portuguese. "It became evident on the streets of cities, architecture and routines I observed firsthand. I noticed that people have a great connection with its past, despite the globalization of the twenty-first century which is already very clear," he added. The feeling is contagious, he believes. "I quickly recognized the 'saudade' in my personal experience. It seemed to be manifested in unfamiliar surroundings. I found that I have a great predisposition to melancholy and nostalgia, and that's what allowed me to develop this project." Photographed in Porto, Lisbon, Braga, Fatima, Angeiras, Vila do Conde and Coimbra during an artist residency. Resulted from this work nine thousand photographs that spent three months editing to turn into eighty-publish under the photobook format by The Unknown Books. The photobook "Saudade" can be purchased through the publisher's website.